[lfs-dev] Grub Video Modules

Dan McGhee beesnees at grm.net
Tue Sep 30 13:20:48 PDT 2014

In preparing to work on the hint for "GRUB and UEFI" I want to "reduce" 
my grub.cgf so that I can present a "write your own grub.cfg" just as in 
Ch.8.  Grub needs a video mode for UEFI and I was successful in 
generating a "suitable video mode" from the grub command line when I was 
experimenting.  That was before I learned of grub-2.02-beta2 and I 
couldn't boot.

In all the folderol of getting things working I, unfortunately, didn't 
record what video modules I loaded.  A grub.cfg generated by 
grub-mkconfig uses "insmod all_video" or all of:

     insmod efi_gop
     insmod efi_uga
     insmod ieee1275_fb
     insmod vbe
     insmod vga
     insmod video_bochs
     insmod video_cirrus

I know that efi_gop and efi_uga are needed for efi video.  I'm not sure, 
but vbe may also be required.  Does anyone know if the rest are a) 
architecture dependent b) video chip dependent or c) kernel dependent?  
My instincts tell me that vga should work for most framebuffers.

I could determine this by trial-and-error, but I'd like some specific 
guidance to save time and possibly to enter the technical explanation in 
the hint.


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