[lfs-dev] [PATCH] init.d/mountvirtfs: fix auto-mounting virtual filesystems

Dylan Cali calid1984 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 6 23:11:32 PDT 2014

Hi Bruce,

> You wouldn't get this message if you followed the book.  See Section 8.2.

I absolutely followed the book, and have a running LFS system... this
was simply post-book tinkering...

> If the user wants to change the options for some reason, how would he do
> that?
> I thank you for the suggestion, but I would rather not implement this in
> LFS.

Just to clarify, the existing init script already passes those
options... effectively all I did was add the -t option to the mount

That's fine to not want to support automounting the virtual
filesystems if they're not in /etc/fstab, but the point is the
existing init script *already* tries to do so... just in a broken way.
So it would probably be better to either remove the attempt entirely
and print a suitable error, or fully support it.


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