[lfs-dev] Thoughts about LFS and systemd

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Mar 29 15:45:09 PDT 2014

Matt Burgess wrote:
> On 2014-03-29 06:32, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> Just a progress report.  I've had some success.  I can boot the same
>> system to either sysd or sysv.  I have a couple of short scripts to
>> switch.  For example:
>> $ cat set-sysd
>> #! /bin/bash
>> for p in init halt poweroff reboot runlevel shutdown telinit; do
>>      ln -sfvn  $p-sysd   /sbin/$p
>>      if [ $p == "init" ]; then continue; fi
>>      ln -svfn  $p-sysd.8 /usr/share/man/man8/${p}.8
>> done
>> ln -svfn init.d-sysd /etc/init.d
>> At that point a reboot will come up with the new initialization.  What I
>> have for the book right now is pretty rough and quite a way from being
>> ready to commit, but the proof of concept is basically done.
> Bruce,
> Firstly, thanks for picking this up and running with it, especially
> seeing as you were originally (and possibly still are) quite opposed to
> systemd.

I don't think it is a good method of teaching what's needed during boot. 
  I also think it demands a lot that is frequently not needed or desired.

> Your approach seems like a decent compromise, offering our readers the
> choice of which init system to use.
> I only have a minor nitpick with the above.  Please look at the
> 'Spelling' section of http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/
> - upstream prefer people to refer to the project/binaries as 'systemd';
> would you mind adjusting the names of the symlinked binaries from sysd
> to systemd to comply please (it's only an extra 3 characters after all)?

Well I wanted to use sysd/sysv for symmetry, but I can change it.

   -- Bruce

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