[lfs-dev] systemd-210 problem

John Burrell john_burrell at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 7 16:04:52 PST 2014

> systemd version of lfs has systemd-208. 210 is in terrible shape.
> systemd-209 merged those libraries into one library - libsystemd.so and
> all apps now link against it. --enable-compat-libs enable those
> libraries and their pkg-config files, but those libraries shouldn't be
> linked against, they should be used for transitions. I had a patch
> somewhere that lets me install pkg-config files without building the
> compat libraries since they're useless to me - even when using
> pkg-config --libs libsystemd-login you get -lsystemd anyways. systemd
> devs didn't accept the patch that will let you install pkg-config files
> without compat-libs though.

I noticed that Arch Linux uses version 210 and they have 15 (yes, fifteen) patches to apply.

Can I try your patch please?


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