[lfs-dev] Project contributor names

Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Tue Mar 4 14:46:13 PST 2014

Hello everyone,

I'm in process of looking at what would be necessary and how hard it
would be to convert current LFS repositories from subversion to git.

One of the steps (optional though) is conversion of subversion user
names to proper git format "Real name <email at address.meh>".

I have extracted the following usernames from all repositories that are
hosted on the server and managed to find names of many people. Some
still remain unknown and I was hoping that some of you may remember
them. I also ask, if possible, to correct the already existing names for
mistakes. I've left out e-mail addresses, but the format will be
username AT linuxfromscratch DOT org (written correctly, of course).

ag = Ag Hatzimanikas
alex = Alex Groenewoud
alexander = Alexander E. Patrakov
andy = Andrew Benton
balu = Thomas "Balu" Walter
bdubbs = Bruce Dubbs
billyoc = Billy O'Connor
bryan = Bryan Kadzban
chris = Chris Staub
craigthulu = Craig M. Reece
cwurst = Christian Wurst
dj = DJ Lucas
djensen = David Jensen
dnicholson = Dan Nicholson
fernando = Fernando de Oliveira
gbeekmans = Gerard Beekmans
gdalziel = Guy Dalziel
georgeb = George Boudreau
gerard = Gerard Beekmans
gimli = Marc Heerdink
greg = Greg Schafer
highos = Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee
ian = Ian Chilton
igor = Igor Živković
jamie = Jamie Bennett
jbeckers = Joachim Beckers
jeremy = Jeremy Utley
jeroen = Jeroen Coumans
jhuntwork = Jeremy Huntwork
jim = Jim Gifford
justin = Justin P. Mattock
jwrober = James Robertson
ken = Ken Moffat
kpfleming = Kevin P. Fleming
krejzi = Armin K
larry = Larry Lawrence
lizardo = Anderson Lizardo
manuel = Manuel Canales Esparcia
markh = Mark Hymers
matthew = Matthew Burgess
nathan = Nathan Coulson
pierre = Pierre Labastie
randy = Randy McMurchy
rbaker = Robert Baker
rdaniels = Robert Daniels
richard = Richard Downing
robert = Robert Connolly
rthomsen = Ragnar Thomsen
sklein = Seth W. Klein
thomasp = Thomas Pegg
thomas = Thomas Trepl
timothy = Timothy Bauscher
tushar = Tushar Teredesai
wblaszcz = Wayne Blaszczyk
winkie = Zack Winkles

# Not sure
neocool = Boris Buegling
neven = Neven Has
nomis80 = Simon Perreault
spyro = Ian Molton

# Unknown
archaic = archaic
flake = flake
jesse = jesse
jon = jon
turiya = turiya
vdzuba = vdzuba

Thanks in advance.

Note: My last name is not Krejzi.

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