[lfs-dev] Are we ready for LFS-7.5?

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 13:58:11 PST 2014

Pierre Labastie wrote:
> Le 28/02/2014 23:24, Bruce Dubbs a écrit :

> Now, I have a question. I have never been involved in development, so just
> take my question as a mark of curiosity: what is the reason to expect release
> of LFS and BLFS to be close in time? I would think of something like:
> - LFS rc1 (duration: a few weeks, unless there is a need for rc2):
>    - freeze packages on LFS
>    - extensive testing of LFS build; correct security issues and blockers
>    - update BLFS svn as usual
> - LFS stable, BLFS test against LFS (duration: a month or so):
>    - restart updating LFS svn
>    - stop testing/updating BLFS against the previous LFS release
>    - begin building/updating/tagging BLFS against the recent LFS release
> - BLFS rc1 (duration: a few weeks + possibly rc2,3...):
>    - freeze packages on BLFS.
>    - extensive testing of BLFS build; correct security issues and blockers
>    - tag untagged packages
> - BLFS stable
> What I see as an advantage is that during the LFS rc stage, it is still
> possible to change a few things on LFS, without risk to break already tagged
> pacakges in BLFS. But there may be drawbacks I do not see...

The problem is that upstream changes packages very often and it takes 
time to check BLFS.  We did a package freeze two weeks ago and LFS has 
had 7 packages update.  BLFS has had about 40 update in the same time. 
If we update a library, then what does that say about the testing of 
packages that may need that library but have already been tested?

For many years, we didn't release a 'stable' BLFS at all.  We just used 
a rolling release.  We've got some more help now, so the freeze time is 
relatively short.

Testing the LFS build is actually fairly quick.  With alfs and skipping 
checks, we can do it in a couple of hours.  The real test is whether 
BLFS builds on it.  Unfortunately, as you know, it's difficult to 
automate BLFS.

It's all a tradeoff.  We are almost ready.  The only things left right 
now are fretts, gnash, and sendmail.

   -- Bruce

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