[lfs-dev] util-linux-2.24.1 in chapter05

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Jan 25 19:16:23 PST 2014

Mg wrote:
> Was having the same error as jb described when running make install;
> adding --without-
> systemdsystemunitdir to the ./configure step fixed it.

The best I can tell is that util-linux builds uuidd which is used for 
very high frequenct uuid generation.  That is a pretty esoteric use. 
The only thing I can find that uses it is the proprietary SAP program 
which uses uuids as a database key.

What util-linux is doing is trying to install a .service file for uuidd 
if the host system has systemd installed.

This is not an issue on a system that does not currently have a 
pkgconfig file for systemd (including Chapter 6 of the book).

I'll add --without-systemdsystemunitdir to the book to avoid the 
problem.  Thanks to JB and Mg for reporting.

   -- Bruce

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