[lfs-dev] Putting a copy util-linux in /tools

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Jan 18 15:24:11 PST 2014

Armin K. wrote:
> On 18.1.2014 23:04, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> Armin K. wrote:
>>> Well if it works, why not then. Just one minor suggestion below
>>>> Chapter 6: e2fsprogs
>>>> mkdir -v build
>>>> cd build
>>>> export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/tools/lib
>>>> LDFLAGS="-L /tools/lib -luuid -lblkid" \
>>>> CFLAGS="-I /tools/include"         \
>>>> ../configure --prefix=/usr         \
>>>>                   --with-root-prefix="" \
>>>>                   --enable-elf-shlibs   \
>>>>                   --disable-libblkid    \
>>>>                   --disable-libuuid     \
>>>>                   --disable-uuidd       \
>>>>                   --disable-fsck
>>> Can't you just symlink the libraries to /lib as it's being done with
>>> several other libraries/binaries?
>> That's possible, but when?  In Chapter 5 we haven't created the
>> directories in the chroot / yet.  Doing that in Chapter 5 breaks up the
>> flow of Chapter 6.

> No, no. You got me wrong. I was asking about util-linux libraries,
> libblkid, libuuid and libmount to be symlinked to /lib to avoid usage of
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH since it isn't used anywhere else.
> Same is currently being done at the beginning of chapter6 for
> libgcc_s.so and libstdc++.so.
> http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/view/development/chapter06/createfiles.html

I'm glad you reminded me of that.  I suppose I could avoid a lot of 
changes if we made the symlinks, including one for 
/usr/include/{blkid,uuid}/. I'll keep investigating.

>> That said, moving both udev and util-linux to before e2fsprogs in
>> Chapter 6 may simplify things.  I'll try that.

> That was indeed my original suggestion, but that would make my life
> painful for systemd counterpart since I can't move systemd before
> util-linux unless I change the order of everything :|

I don't want to make the changes if they are not needed.  The symlink 
suggestion may make it easier to avoid those changes.

   -- Bruce

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