[lfs-dev] Util-linux

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Jan 15 09:19:53 PST 2014

John Burrell wrote:
>> I found out that util-linux and udev have a circular dependency.
>> What we do now is OK, but there are some things disabled. What we
>> need to do is add util-linux-pass2 after udev.
>> What I'm thinking about doing is move the current full install to
>> be after udev and replace the current page with only:
>> ./configure make make install
>> The tests can be done in the 2nd pass and adjustment of the path
>> to adjtime is only in the man pages, rtcwake, and hwclock. All
>> these would be updated after the 2nd install.
>> Does this seem like a reasonable approach?
> I recently reinstalled util-linux and noticed that su gets installed
> from util-linux.
> So the way LFS is now, su comes from shadow. If you reinstall, I
> expect that su will come from util-linux. The caveat here is that I
> installed systemd, so I don't know if su comes from util-linux only
> if systemd is installed. I didn't test that.
> Anyway, I recommend that if you change the way util-linux is
> installed, you test which su you end up with.

Redirecting to lfs-dev.  Sending to blfs was a typo.

Thanks John, I'll check that.

   -- Bruce

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