[lfs-dev] inetutils

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Jan 14 14:25:25 PST 2014

Armin K. wrote:

> Every distro that I know of still ships net-tools version of it by
> default. Maybe debian offers the inetutils version, but I am not 100% sure.

My first impression is that I like the inetutils version better.  I'll 
add that in a bit when I update to inetutils-1.9.2.  I am not 
recommending the removal of net-tools from BLFS, but we will need to add 
a statement that the default instructions of net-tools overwrites ifconfig.

   -- Bruce

$ ifconfig --help
   ifconfig [-a] [-v] [-s] <interface> [[<AF>] <address>]
   [add <address>[/<prefixlen>]]
   [del <address>[/<prefixlen>]]
   [[-]broadcast [<address>]]  [[-]pointopoint [<address>]]
   [netmask <address>]  [dstaddr <address>]  [tunnel <address>]
   [outfill <NN>] [keepalive <NN>]
   [hw <HW> <address>]  [metric <NN>]  [mtu <NN>]
   [[-]trailers]  [[-]arp]  [[-]allmulti]
   [multicast]  [[-]promisc]
   [mem_start <NN>]  [io_addr <NN>]  [irq <NN>]  [media <type>]
   [txqueuelen <NN>]
   [up|down] ...

$ ./ifconfig --help
Usage: ifconfig [OPTION...]
              NAME [ADDR] [broadcast BRDADDR] [pointopoint|dstaddr DSTADDR]
             [netmask MASK] [metric N] [mtu N] [txqueuelen N] [up|down] 
Configure network interfaces.

  Linux-specific options
   -T, --txqlen=N             set transmit queue length to N

   -a, --all                  display all available interfaces
   -A, --address=ADDR         set interface address to ADDR
   -B, -b, --broadcast=ADDR, --brdaddr=ADDR
                              set broadcast address to ADDR
   -d, -p, --dstaddr=ADDR, --peer=ADDR
                              set destination (peer) address to ADDR
       --down                 shut the interface down
       --format=FORMAT        select output format; set to `help' for info
   -F, --flags=FLAG[,FLAG...] set interface flags
   -i, --interface=NAME       configure network interface NAME
   -l, --list                 list available or selected interfaces
   -m, --netmask=MASK         set netmask to MASK
       --metric=N             set metric of interface to N
   -M, --mtu=N                set mtu of interface to N
   -s, --short                short output format
       --up                   activate the interface (default if address is
   -v, --verbose              output information when configuring interface

   -?, --help                 give this help list
       --usage                give a short usage message
   -V, --version              print program version

Mandatory or optional arguments to long options are also mandatory or 
for any corresponding short options.

Known flags are: allmulti, automedia, debug, loopback, multicast, portsel,
running, trailers, up

Report bugs to <bug-inetutils at gnu.org>.

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