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Am 29.04.2014 18:04, schrieb Aleksandar Kuktin:
> [...]
> For example, I'm thinking about using DNS+VPN+hacked and repurposed
> WiFi router as my personal (and world-wide portable) e-mail server and
> "presence server". I'll post a report to LFS when I'm done to let you
> all know how it went. :)

That sounds like a very interesting project, not only because of the
Snowden leaks, but also to recapture "The Internet"(tm). Most services
were initially designed to be as distributed and independent as
possible, but this contradicts commercial interests and data mining
based business models (not to mention the enormous effort for agencies).

I would also like to have my own email server, but since people send
unencrypted messages, I'd need _full_ control over the server XOR I have
to trust somebody who runs my mailbox, mailserver or root server, since
as soon as I can physically access a box, I own it -- the only thing
protecting from that is disk encryption, AFAIK.

Some idea I think about is putting together a minimum system which only
has the function to boot to something ssh'able (like a rescue system on
some distro) with a pubkey in the known_hosts, which then allows access
per challenge/response to a defined set of people to bootstrap the rest:
mounting crypto partitions and getting network services running (that
would probably be done using runlevel scripts).

That done, I could easily get some used 19'' equipment, setup the
machine at home, offline, probably based on somthing I _really_ know
what's going on, prepare the keys on it and then transfer it to my
favourite housing provider (who has to sit near me, of course) to plug
in power and network.

The services I think I'd need are CalDAV, address book for syncing my
dumbphone, and email; so I'd probably run an onwcloud instance and an
email server.

Actually this is one of the reasons I started using LFS ;)

If anyone of you shares interest in that area, let me know. Although I
admit that the state is merely a set of ideas.


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