[lfs-dev] variables in /etc/vconsole.conf

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 22:19:46 PDT 2014

Ken Moffat wrote:
>   I'm trying to guess what I need here, but the details seem to be
> sparse.
> 1. FONT_MAP and FONT_UNIMAP : I haven't found any relevant examples
> yet, but I assume those of use using UTF-8 throughout our system do
> not need to specify anything ?  I saw an example of FONT_MAP for
> legacy 8859-2, so I'm assuming that since systemd is recent it
> assumes unicode.
> 2. Googling to try to find examples, I see suggestions that
> vconsole.conf is also used to set the Xorg keymap - is that true ?

I would doubt it unless the Xorg folks have made the change.

> At the moment, I set
> 	Option "XkbLayout" "gb"
> in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/11-keyboard.conf and later (after I'm
> running icewm) use xmodmap to set my xorg keymap to one of : british
> with a few extra glyphs such as „ (low double quotes), russian
> (phonetic) with a few other extras, e.g for ukrainian letters, or
> greek with one or two extras.  Anyone know if I'll still be able to
> override things in xmodmap when / if I try systemd ?

I would think so, but I haven't tried.

> TIA / спасибі заздалегідь / ευχαριστώ εκ των προτέρων
>   - and I hope that translate.google.com is accurate for this ;-)

Well I got Greek: thanks in advance
and the same in Ukranian.

   -- Bruce

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