[lfs-dev] Major changes in -dev

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Fri Apr 4 09:15:19 PDT 2014

Le 04/04/2014 00:11, Bruce Dubbs a écrit :
> I've committed a major change to the -dev version of LFS.
> The new version installs systemd and System V side-by-side with the
> ability to reconfigure and come up in the other system.
> The scripts to reconfigure are in /usr/local/sbin and are named
> set-systemd and set-sysv.  I recommend re-reading Chapter 7 as there are
> a lot of changes there.
> The lfs-bootscripts now also install the needed systemd unit for
> bringing up the network.
> I've done a render of the book on the website, so the changes are
> reflected there now.
> I've tested the system.  It initial boot comes up using System V, but
> I've also been able to reconfigure and come up in systemd as well as
> being able to revert back to System V.
> There have been no changes yet to BLFS to support these changes
> directly,  but the System V boot scripts should still work without problems.
> I'm sure there are still latent bugs in the current commit, whether they
> be in scripts, build instructions, or text.  Please test this out and
> let me know of needed changes.
>     -- Bruce
Built using jhalfs, with all final testsuites:
Errors (FWIW):
- glibc : 2 errors (+ 2 ignored), seems as usual
- coreutils : 1 error (test/misc/nohup)
- bash (a few, not sure, seems similar to usual)
- bc (a few, similar to usual)
- systemd : 2 failures : test-strv, test-journal-flush)
- utili-linux : 2 failures :last/last and last/ipv6

The first line of 7.8 Configuring the system hostname, has some weird typos:
"Durein gthe boot process, both Systemd and System V use the same file 
for establixhg..."

Same errors as xinglp at boot.

The initramfs built with BLFS instructions does not work (I guess it 
comes from the missing /lib/systemd-udevd, so maybe no big deal).


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