[lfs-dev] util-linux regression tests

Gilles Espinasse g.esp at free.fr
Thu May 30 04:39:27 PDT 2013

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> De: "Bruce Dubbs" <bruce.dubbs at gmail.com>
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> Objet: [lfs-dev] util-linux regression tests
> util-linux now has a test suite.  In chroot, 'make check' fails
> because
> it is running as root.
> If I run as a non-root user, the tests pass, but many are skipped.
> The actual command beeing run in the Makefile is:
> tests/run.sh --srcdir=$(abs_top_srcdir)
> --builddir=$(abs_top_builddir)
> --nonroot
> If I remove --nonroot,  the tests can be run as root, but I get a lot of
> failures because it can't find the scsi_debug module so it is kernel
> dependent.  The tests also hang after a while for me.
> I'm looking for someone to verify so we can come up with the best
> approach for the book.
>    -- Bruce
I have modified my build system during util-linux-2.22 time to supply needed kernel modules inside the chroot while building.

For loop, there is a special trick to make loop available without depending on running loop module available.
In my like chap-6.6, I do
# mknod one /dev/loop allow losetup (from inside) to mount loop module (from running kernel outside the chroot)
# That will allow some tests using loop to run
rm -f /dev/loop0 && mknod /dev/loop0 b 7 0

For the other modules, I copy modules from running kernel inside the chroot and create a limited .alias and .dep files like this.

echo -e 'alias block-major-9-* md_mod\nalias md md_mod' >${LFS}/${flavor}/modules.alias
echo -e 'crc-t10dif.ko:\nscsi_mod.ko:\nmd-mod.ko:\nscsi_debug.ko: scsi_mod.ko crc-t10dif.ko' >${LFS}/${flavor}/modules.dep

But any modprobe for those modules does not work during util-linux build as no modprobe is yet build.
So I am running only non-root test and that was enought to find some of the 2.23 issues (on 32bits build).

If running as root, I am a bit afraid too by the big warning banner on test start.
I am unsure that running as root could destroy something on the host, like mounted loop files as loop numbers are hardcoded in the tests.

Anyway, I have manually tested running util-linux tests as root.
For that, I build again util-linux after full LFS has build (so modprobe was available).
I don't remember to have test failures as root with util-linux-2.22 test suite.
I added on my like chap-6.6
# To silent fsck on util-linux tests
touch /etc/fstab

Running more tests with running kernel modules was a bit of fun to discover some trick but I do not think that was a great success.
I fail to find an appropriate recipe for mdadm (it fail after a few tests and I haven't seen a log from someone running the full mdadm test suite). And I am really unsure running mdadm tests would not detroy a config using mdadm for real on boot device.

parted-3.1 fail one test (that are not run without the scsi_debug kernel modules) and emit many messages (not enough memory). I haven't investigated that issue.

I didn't build anything else that use scsi_debug (to my knowledge).


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