[lfs-dev] LFS suggestions--kernel config

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri May 24 19:41:02 PDT 2013

Bryan Kadzban wrote:
> bt wrote:
>> 3. Also from the Arch Wiki, regarding when an initramfs is not being
>> used.  Most of the points are in the LFS book or Bruce's hint, but I
>> couldn't find mention of support for AUTOFS4_FS or TMPFS (different
>> from DEVTMPFS_MOUNT, which is mentioned). Should these be mentioned?
> Hmm, yeah, TMPFS is needed for /run.  (Though since /run gets mounted by
> the bootscripts, it can be a module.)

TMPFS is set automatically if the user does 'make defconfig'.  I don't 
know why it would be unset unless the user specifically unsets it.

> What's AUTOFS4_FS used for?  I don't *think* we specifically create any
> config that needs it, but I have to admit I haven't been paying terribly
> close attention to some of the recent fstab (and bootscript) changes.
> Digging around Google, it *appears* to be the NFS automounter?  Why on
> earth would Arch require that?  :-)

We mention that in BLFS autofs, but in a slightly different way.

   -- Bruce

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