[lfs-dev] Weired xml choice

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL jmengual at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue May 14 16:59:23 PDT 2013


After a mistake in the translation reported by one user, I released a strange
syntax in the xml. packages.ent contains:
<!ENTITY udev-lfs         "udev-lfs-&systemd-version;-1">

and chapter06/systemd.xml mentions, in the last command before the
contents of the package, a ref to udev-lfs-&systemd-version;-1. I don't understand
this choice of syntax, which complicates maintaining of the translation.
I think that udev-lfs should be changed to:
<!ENTITY udev-lfs-version         "udev-lfs-&systemd-version;-1">

so that, in systemd.xml, we could write:
bash udev-lfs-version;/script.sh

It'd fix the problem for any update of udev-lfs and would be relevant with
the lfs policy.

So I suggest to fix it.


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