[lfs-dev] Latest packages

Gilles Espinasse g.esp at free.fr
Sat May 4 14:28:34 PDT 2013

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> Actually, I want to know if a xz version exists.  My order of preference
> is xz, bz2, gz.  All the packages in LFS are one of those. I haven't
> looked at BLFS yet.
There is sometime .tar as krb5 signed.tar

Debian has a watch rule for each package inside debian directory,
for krb5, that's in

As debian has a lot of different way to handle the packaging, I am not always able to find where the debian watch rule is.

Gentoo too has something similar but I don't remember how this is named and done.

Some packages have stable/devel policy based on odd/even versions (glib, cairo, pixman, xorriso, perl, DBD-sqlite). So you may need a specific RE for each package to watch what you are looking for.


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