[lfs-dev] reinstal glibc

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Sat May 4 03:06:59 PDT 2013

Le 04/05/2013 10:33, purnomo hadi a écrit :
> some file error , libm if I compile some aplication nano , xserver  , gtk  is error on libm

I understand you have finished installing LFS, but you get errors when installing
other packages.
Maybe you do not need to reinstall glibc, since it might as well be some configuration
issue (have you performed all the steps in 6.10 Adjusting the Toolchain,
and DO all the sanity check at the end of 6.17 pass?). You can try again the
sanity check if LFS boots (or in the chroot) and see if it still passes.

If you need to reinstall glibc, the only advice that can be given is to erase all the
LFS partition, except the /tools directory, and restart at the beginning of
chapter 6.
There may be a possibility to reinstall glibc without reinstalling all the other packages,
but it depends on your settings, so you would be on your own.


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