[lfs-dev] [LFS Trac] #3098: udev/systemd 183 is out

Bryan Kadzban bryan at kadzban.is-a-geek.net
Tue May 29 20:40:21 PDT 2012

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> I came up with one problem that I need advice on.  I can't build the
> keymap program becasue I'm missing keys-from-name.h and
> keys-to-name.h. The systemd configure/make command generates them
> using gperf.  In udev-182, there are over 70 entries in
> src/keymap/keymaps.  This seems to indicate to me that systemd only
> generates the keymap for the current system.
> I'm not even sure waht keymap does in this context and I don't know
> if it's needed or not.

The keymap builtin (or script?) stuff changes the keymap on keyboards at
hotplug time (e.g. USB keyboards that are connected to a hub in the
monitor will need this whenever the monitor is turned off and back on
again, unless you use the standard Linux kernel US keymap).

gperf is generating a hashtable from the configuration in the keymaps
file.  I suspect that file will change with the next release, meaning
patching in a generated pair of header files is only good for now.  :-/

Let me see if I can hack anything up.  It might involve rerunning
autoconf and automake (after ripping out junk from the source files), or
it might involve faking out configure (by creating a broken
config.cache) and going the way Ken was looking (using the Makefile
infrastructure).  But I think either of those should work; we have all
the auto* stuff installed by the time we hit udev in chapter 6.

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