[lfs-dev] [LFS Trac] #3098: udev/systemd 183 is out

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Tue May 29 11:02:29 PDT 2012

On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 12:55:36AM -0500, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> The script I built to compile and link the programs is fairly long (and 
> ugly to my taste), but also pretty straight forward.  I haven't tested 
> the programs yet, but the build is clean.
> If we have to, we can create a 'patch' to add the script to the source 
> and create the executables with that.  I wouldn't bother trying to 
> create libraries for LFS.  I don't know of anything that would want to 
> link against them except the current udev files.  Each executable is 
> about 200K so the overhead isn't too bad.
 I'm trying a different approach at the moment (hack 'configure'
enough to complete, then see if I can use existing Makefile targets
to do most of the heavy lifting).  So far I've only got through the
trivial part (intltool, XML::Parser, gperf) - changed one line in
configure, created a script at /tools/bin/intltool-update to report
0.40.0, linked that also as intltool-extract, intltool-merge, gperf.

 Now I'm on to the *fun* parts (libcap, dbus) which I think will
require some more substantial changes to configure - don't hold your
breathe waiting!

 Partly I'm doing this to ensure all the important -D defines in the
Makefile get set correctly so that udevd will find the other progs,
and partly to rely on the existing infrastructure.  I'm also hoping
this approach will be more-easily maintainable (if it works).

 But meanwhile, good luck with your testing.

das eine Mal als Tragödie, das andere Mal als Farce

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