[lfs-dev] linux-3.4 needs patch to build

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Tue May 29 09:29:47 PDT 2012

--- Em ter, 29/5/12, Matthew Burgess escreveu:

> De: Matthew Burgess
> Assunto: Re: [lfs-dev] linux-3.4 needs patch to build
> Para: "LFS Developers Mailinglist"
> Data: Terça-feira, 29 de Maio de 2012, 13:07
> On Tue, 29 May 2012 09:02:17 -0700
> (PDT), Fernando de Oliveira
> wrote:
> > Digging into this since yesterday evening, discovered
> first that 3.4 is
> > dev and stable version is 3.3.7, second, the error is
> well known:
> > 
> > http://us.generation-nt.com/answer/linux-next-build-failure-after-merge-final-tree-help-207537361.html
> 3.4 is *not* dev.  See http://kernel.org/ - 3.4 is 'mainline',
> 3.3.7 is stable.  But, as
> soon as Greg releases 3.4.1, that will be deemed 'stable' as
> well.

Ok, I was misinterpreting "mainline" as "not stable", thanks for
correcting me.

> As far as the patch goes, I don't mind adding it, though it
> would be nice if you
> or someone else can figure out why it's needed in certain
> configurations and
> not in others.

Do you think the patch should go in the book? I presented it to perhaps
interest others and start a discussion, so I could learn what was
happening. Should we not hear from other people if it is just one of my

Further: I am sure you and others in this (B)LFS entourage can easily
transform the patch in sed, if needed to go in the book.

I will try later today to find differences in the five systems where I
installed 3.4.0, but for my level of knowledge, it was alread difficult
and great to have solved the mistery I faced.

> If you see a package upgrade committed
> by me in svn, you can be
> assured that it built for me at least.

I do not understand. Have you already commited? I only saw it as
"assigned", and my intention was just to warn about the problem I faced
and better understand it.

>  I obviously
> can't test every combination
> of hardware and/or kernel configs (my kernel is as minimal
> as possibly for my
> needs).
> Regards,
> Matt.

I know that, Matt.

I am grateful for your contributions to us all using (B)LFS.


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