[lfs-dev] LFS SVN and Systemd Report

Bryan Kadzban bryan at kadzban.is-a-geek.net
Fri May 25 21:10:02 PDT 2012

Ken Moffat wrote:
> Unfortunately, mdev appears not to be a full replacement.  Looking at
> the gentoo wiki - https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Mdev - I see two 
> breakages for desktop users, and a further problem:
> <...>
> The further problem is with additional usb devices.  The gentoo wiki
> implies a usb printer can work, but I've seen nothing about adding
> rules to sort out other devices.  In my own case I've got rules for
> USB sticks (every time I get a new one, it announces itself as
> something different!) and for my cameras, so that I can just plug one
> in and mount it at a convenient point [ I don't do fancy stuff to
> allow me to mount two sticks ].  I guess most people don't need to
> mount a camera and a stick at the same time, so just haveing an
> option for /dev/sdb1 or wherever with vfat in fstab probably fixes it
> for most people.

It also doesn't work with LVM, according to that wiki page -- which is a
showstopper for both my rootfs, and my initramfs.  :-)

Also I have configuration all over the place (DVD playing software's
config somewhere in my home directory, /etc/fstab, maybe elsewhere that
I no longer remember) that refers to /dev/disk/by-<something> to find a
disk's device file.  Making udev create by-label symlinks for LVs was
one of the first things I had to do when rebuilding last time.

There are also persistent links for V4L devices (which I haven't used
because I haven't done anything with V4L since support for them got
added to udev), and for input devices (which xorg uses internally, but
which aren't exposed in a config file anywhere).

And that might all be reasonable for a really minimalist setup -- except
when the alternative is full systemd.  (Too large of a jump for my
liking, anyway.)  The persistent links are at least documented somewhere
else; maybe someone will come up with a package that's mdev plus
persistent names.

Maybe we can hack up the systemd package to install just udev, if
there's no option to do that today?  It'd be annoying to have to
maintain that diff though.

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