[lfs-dev] Vim 7.3.xxx

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Sat May 19 09:19:10 PDT 2012

I am posting this to two lists because Vim is common to both. Of course, discussion and opinions, if any, could be different in each one.

While some softwares are rushing new versions even weekly, others stick to a "main" one and leave the minor versions/corrections in their repositories to be checked out with git or other softwares, and this is the case of Vim and MPlayer.

I have noticed that most distributions are changing to upgrade these more often, perhaps monthly.

Some examples with Vim:

*buntu                       7.3.429
ArchLinux                  7.3.515
Fedora                       7.3.515
Gentoo                      7.3.515
Mageia                       7.3.444
Mandriva devel           7.3.486
openSUSE Factory     7.3.456

Sometimes, they call it version 7.3 "correction-xxx".

MPlayer has already changed. What do you think about Vim in LFS and/or BLFS, with a monthly source in Anduin?


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