[lfs-dev] resizecons : a proposal

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Fri May 18 12:27:39 PDT 2012

On Sat, May 19, 2012 at 02:32:52AM +0800, xinglp wrote:
> Ennn, my poor English. I have not set any font from grub.
> When I setfont lat1-08, font become smaller,and I can see more
> characters on the screen.
> But it looks like different from when I set the "just fit" video
> parameter to grub.
> Then grub parameter way looks more comfortable.
 Thanks for the quick response.  I remembered that I've got a
"server-test" build on one of my machines (LFS-7.0).  After some
searching I turned off the framebuffer in my config and compiled

 I'm using it at the moment, with video="1024x768" on the grub
command line, and I note that grub is loading vbe and vga in its
load_video function.  I normally use an 8x16 font on this setup, and
I'm now able to load anything from 8x8 up to 8x19 or 9x16.  The one
size I cannot load is 12x22 (putfont: KDFONTOP: Invalid argument).
But that isn't normally a problem (works fine in framebuffers).

 So, I feel sure that removing resizecons will not limit usability.

 For getting the setup which is *best* for you, I can only recommend
that you take some time to review the available fonts in
/lib/kbd/consolefonts.  Some fonts are easy to read, others are
pretty, and a few are ugly.  You also need to ensure that it can
cope with all the characters you are likely to encounter (but then,
your experience with dashes in manpages has already shown what can
go wrong there).

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