[lfs-dev] kbd

Markku Pesonen tourula at gmail.com
Fri May 18 04:17:27 PDT 2012

Qrux wrote:
> @Markku...I meant no offense.  I've always just assumed that devs
> work on the console in English, with a US keyboard layout. A lot of
> devs have to do that, since i18n isn't always a top prio for bleeding
> edge stuff (e.g., Xen).  I just figured devs would choose the path of
> fewest dependencies, especially for something as infrequently used as
> the console, and when you have the required language proficiencies
> (which obviously you do).

No offense taken.

I know this sounds quite silly, but please set your keyboard layout
temporarily to Finnish and type the following line on your US keyboard:
" @ $ & ^ & / * ( ) [ ] { } + - \ ; : < > ? | ' = _ ~
It's all standard US ASCII and both US and Finnish keyboards have those
characters, so it should be easy, right?

That's pretty much how it feels like to use a Finnish keyboard on a
console without kbd. It's possible to do, but personally I think it's
really annoying, as many of those characters are quite often needed on
the console, whether I'm working in English, Finnish or Bash.

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