[lfs-dev] resizecons : a proposal

Markku Pesonen tourula at gmail.com
Fri May 18 00:39:49 PDT 2012

Qrux wrote:
> Does the vanilla kernel & userland require kbd to exist in order to 
> use the console?  If not, why does it exist as a part of LFS?  Are 
> there people with keyboards such that the default kernel driver 
> (i.e., without kdb) cannot interpret certain keypresses?
> Even if so...Why does that even matter?  Login as root, and pick 
> passwords based on some intersection between your keyboard and the 
> default set of recognized (ASCII) keycodes.  You only need enough 
> functionality at the console to get userland network connectivity or 
> X.
> Is kbd necessary even to drive a standard QWERTY keyboard with a 
> vanilla kernel/userland?

Long time ago, the Linux kernel keyboard driver used the standard
Finnish QWERTY keyboard layout. (See Linux 0.01 release notes for
example.) If that was still the case today, people would not be asking
if kbd is needed, unless they were using a Finnish keyboard. But for
some unfortunate reason Linus gave up, and the kernel keyboard driver
now defaults to the US layout.

As a nice challenge to anyone questioning the need for kbd in LFS, set
your keyboard layout to Finnish and see how that works out for you.

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