[lfs-dev] Wording fix

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at lightcubesolutions.com
Wed May 9 13:24:25 PDT 2012

On 5/8/12 2:54 AM, Matt Burgess wrote:
>> If so, then all that section about fixincludes can be dropped from pass 2.
> Are we only talking about changing pass 2 here?  We also have a sed in
> the final build of GCC in chapter 6 with the following explanatory text:
> "The fixincludes script is known to occasionally erroneously attempt to
> "fix" the system headers installed so far. As the headers up to this
> point are known to not require fixing, issue the following command to
> prevent the fixincludes script from running:"

I should take some time to fully evaluate this and send in my results.

> I'm a little nervous about that paragraph; are we absolutely certain
> that the headers we've installed so far will never need fixing up?

I'll dig a bit and get back to you.


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