[lfs-dev] Suggestion

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at lightcubesolutions.com
Wed May 9 13:19:27 PDT 2012

Greetings all,

Consider two things:

1. We all hate long build times. Anything we can (reasonably and 
accurately do) to speed up the build we do.
2. Chapter 5 are a set of throwaway tools (in some cases we only build 
just what we want out of those tools, again, for sake of speed, i.e., 

Given the above, why don't we use busybox in chapter 5? If we 
standardize a config we could get rid of 12 packages in chapter 5, 
namely: ncurses, bash, bzip2, coreutils, diffutils, findutils, gawk, 
grep, gzip, sed, tar, xz. Possibly 13, patch, although the last time I 
tested busybox's patch it didn't quite work as hoped, but it's possible 
it is fixed now.

In addition to being able to drop those packages, you also get free of 
charge a vi editor and wget utility for use in chroot.

Thoughts? If interested, I could start a mockup in the jh branch.


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