[lfs-dev] gptfdisk

Richard Melville richard.melville69 at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 31 02:10:02 PST 2012

We now install fdisk as a part of util-linux so we have chosen one
> method right now for LFS.


> My issue is that if the user reboots to the new LFS, there is no way to
> change the partition table if it is a GPT.  The use would have to reboot
> back to the host, make the change and reboot to LFS.  The user can't
> even look at the GPT table.

Surely, a very important issue.

> On the other hand, pretty much the same arguments can be made for wget
> and a few other BLFS packages that I consider essential: sudo, openssl,
> openssh, which, and bc (for my scripts).

 Although none of those packages works at the same low level.

> Perhaps adding the page to BLFS and expanding the first paragraph in
> section 9.3 of LFS would be the way to go.
>    -- Bruce
> Richard
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