[lfs-dev] LFS SVN urrent build results

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Thu Dec 27 10:41:21 PST 2012

Le 25/12/2012 00:41, Bruce Dubbs a écrit :
> I'm not quite ready to give up on  E2fsprogs-1.42.6 because I think it
> only is a problem in jhalfs.  AFAICT right now, the test actually
> passes, but leaves an unwanted background process running.    I'm not
> sure we want the -k in the make check.  I get:
> 125 tests succeeded  0 tests failed
> Perhaps if we kill the debug fs in jhalfs when we finish the checks,
> that would clean things up.
>    -- Bruce
I think I have found where the problem is:
from the tests log:
../../tests/f_mmp/script: line 25: ps: command not found
f_mmp: disable MMP with tune2fs after e2fsck killed: ok
And ps is not found because procps is built after e2fsprogs...
If I understand correctly the script,
ps is used to find debugfs PID, in order to kill it.
If the PID is not found, debugfs is not killed.
The funny thing is that if debugfs is not killed, the test should not pass.
Maybe a bug report to upstream?

Anyway, procps should be added as a dependency of e2fsprogs,
and built before.
This should not be a problem since according to the `dependencies'
chapter, all procps's dependencies are built in chapter 5.

I modify my local copy of the book, run a build, and let you know.


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