[lfs-dev] LFS SVN urrent build results

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Mon Dec 24 09:12:00 PST 2012

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> Objet: [lfs-dev] LFS SVN urrent build results
> I ran a new build test last night and had some issues.  Just
> reporting
> right now.
> Numbers refer to jhalfs order.
> I also ran into a problem with jhalfs not exiting properly, although
> all the builds seems to complete.
> The umount process at the end did not work properly.
> There may also be a related error somewhere in the build process as
> there were two processes hanging around after jhalfs completed.  I'm
> going to run another test build today and will investigate that in a
> little more detail.

I have that same issue on my build system.
I suspect e2fsprogs-1.42.6 has an issue running some tests (there is too some tests files remaining in /tmp).

After my build, I see using 'ps ax' a process doing
cat /dev/zero
and the other process should be '/bin/sh ./test_one' which is an e2fsprogs test

This will eat all your disk space. The partition will be full, if you are lucky, this is after the build is finished, but it may be earlier and create test failure earlier ...

Once 'cat /dev/zero' is killed, space is free on disk.
Unfortunately, if I rebuild only e2fsprogs, the same issue is not triggered, so a full build is needed.


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