[lfs-dev] Issue with /dev/shm on host system.

John Joganic john at joganic.com
Thu Dec 20 10:10:12 PST 2012

In the stable LFS book, the host /dev directory is mounted into the chroot environment using a bind mount.

mount -v --bind /dev $LFS/dev

Next, the following command removed a symbol link and mounted tmpfs for the chroot environment, but there's nothing prescribed to fix up the host after /dev/shm is removed.

if [ -h /dev/shm ]; then
   rm -f $LFS/dev/shm
   mkdir $LFS/dev/shm

mount -vt tmpfs shm $LFS/dev/shm

The result is that, for Ubuntu 12, the Chromium web browser crashed when it could no longer access shared memory. I remedied this by re-mounting tmpfs on /dev/shm, but I'm not certain that that will survive a reboot.  As I'm not finding shm in /etc/fstab at all, it's not clear to me how it
came to be mounted in the first place.

Is there perhaps a cleaner way to populate the chroot /dev directory than bind mounting it to the host environment?  If it was copy-on-write, I'd be less concerned, but as it stands, this method seems a little dangerous.  Just my two cents.

-John Joganic

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