[lfs-dev] Host System Requirements

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Mon Dec 17 03:38:51 PST 2012

Problems recur here. Reasons are many. I have been caught here, not only
once. Bruce and Matt have made very good, no, excellent improvements
recently. Further, the script is perhaps, IMHO, one of the most
important parts of the book, perhaps the second more important
achievement of LFS developers, second only to enabling people like me
obtain the LSF final build itself. Alas, more often than not it is
ignored by newcomers. And nothing is perfect, anything can be bettered.

One problem I wish to re-discuss is the final statement:

    "gcc compilation OK"

It reads for many like a conclusion statement, not one result of one of
the many tests, instead: "all tests done, and compiling LFS will be
successful". Elaborating, rush read of the page and this result,
together with the hunger of finishing (either because what is wanted
more needs BLFS or anxiety to see if one can really build it) makes this
*the* statement, all others seeming to be just side information (I know
that there are many warnings, but the happen to have already been
forgotten, when the script is run).

I see two modifications, one easy to do, the other is perhaps

1. Change the position of the gcc, so it is not in the beginning nor the
end of the tests.
2. Have a conclusion statement: "x tests passed, y tests failed, if
y > 0, please fix your host system to fulfill the requirements".

Last time I discussed, I had some feelings, but not the clarity I have
now, after I having succeeded to help some, and understand and follow
most support to others' problems.

If I have succeeded to explain myself this time, but my suggestions seem
wrong, I do not mind, main point is that I still feel that something
could be improved and many potential users not being scared out anymore.


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