[lfs-dev] Stripping libraries

Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Fri Aug 31 03:48:56 PDT 2012

On 31.8.2012 9:34, Ragnar Thomsen wrote:
> It is stated in LFS that --strip-unneeded should not be used on
> libraries, as the static ones will be destroyed.
> I found this page:
> http://www.technovelty.org/linux/
> Which states that --strip-unneeded is safe to use on both shared and
> static libraries, while --strip-all is only safe for shared ones.
> Being a minimalist, I am tempted to use --strip-unneeded on all
> libraries. Has anyone tried to see if this breaks a LFS system?
> -Ragnar-

My whole system is stripped with --strip-unneeded, even the static 
libraries, binaries and shared objects. Everything still works and I saw 
no problem with anything. I tend to remove static libs where possible 
tough. I feel no need for them.

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