[lfs-dev] glibc and rpc headers

Jasmine Iwanek jasmine at iwanek.co.uk
Sun Aug 26 21:20:39 PDT 2012

On 2012-08-27 04:28, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Jasmine Iwanek wrote:
>> On 2012-08-27 04:00, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> How about disabling the unnecessary tool?
> That's a lot harder and I'm not sure it's unnecessary.  It's executed 
> 26
> times.
>    -- Bruce

The sed it is then, at least in my view. I maintain my opinion that LFS 
should not depend on components from BLFS just to be able to bootstrap 
itself, However if it is concluded that the sed is not an acceptable 
approach, then adding the configure switch to ch6-glibc will suffice.

I'll have a poke at building glibc with no host headers shortly to see 
what other headers get pulled in, if nothing else it'll keep Greg quiet, 
especially if we can either prove that the build is clean or prove that 
any "contamination" in ch5 doesn't actually make it into ch6 or onwards. 
Initial inspection shows that we have no current issues after ch5-gcc 
pass2, but obviously I wont put money on that till I'm 100% certain.

Jasmine Iwanek

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