[lfs-dev] glibc and rpc headers

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 19:30:56 PDT 2012

Starting a new thread.

Bryan Kadzban wrote:> Bruce Dubbs wrote:
 >> Try this as the lfs user:
 >> tar -xf glibc-2.16.0.tar.xz
 >> cd glibc-2.16.0
 >> sed -i 's/ -lgcc_s//' Makeconfig
 >> sed -i 's|<rpc/types.h>|"rpc/types.h"|' sunrpc/rpc_clntout.c
 >> mkdir -v ../glibc-build
 >> cd ../glibc-build
 >> echo BUILD_CC=${LFS_TGT}-gcc > configparms
 > Uh, isn't that backwards?  :-)
 > BUILD_CC is the CC to use to build programs that will be executed on 
 > the cross-compilation *source* architecture, not the destination.
 > ${LFS_TGT} is the destination arch.  The glibc sources are trying to
 > build this program for the source.
 > This actually also means that host includes (and libs) are
 > *absolutely* required to be here.  This output doesn't get linked
 > into the cross glibc, so this is *not* actually a contamination from
 > the host system. (Only the output of rpcgen, after it gets built and
 > run, is used.)
 > This does mean, however, that the host does really need the
 > rpc/types.h header file installed, so on systems that don't have it,
 > glibc won't build...

It's the sunrpc Makefile that's looking for BUILD_CC. Before I added the 
configparms, the *only* compiles against a plain gcc were in the sunrpc 

Looking at my output, I do see where cross-rpcgen is being run on the 
local system.  The code is building rpcgen and cross-rpcgen.  I guess 
that rpcgen should be built with cross-gcc and plain rpcgen with 
${LFS_TGT}-gcc.  That's done without any configparms file.

I'm starting to think that the problem is that we've built Chapter 6 
glibc in 7.2 without the --enable-obsolete-rpc which would probably 
solve the problem there.  For a 7.1 host, we'd need a note to install 
the rpcnis-headers.tar.bz2 tarball as a part of Chapter 5 glibc.

As in BLFS libtirpc:

if [ ! r /usr/include/rpc/rpc.h ]; then
   tar -xvf ../rpcnis-headers.tar.bz2 -C /usr/include

That's not something I want to do.  Perhaps the workaround of the sed 
for Chapter 5 is the way to go.

   -- Bruce

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