[lfs-dev] Possible problem with current glibc (LFS 7.2 cant recompile LFS 7.2)

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 13:38:57 PDT 2012

Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 26, 2012 at 12:46:26AM -0500, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> Everything looks OK to me. Jasmine, what is the command line (from the
>> log) that produces the error?  I don't know what you are doing that
>> wants to output to cross-rpc_clntout.o.

>   Interrupting, after some build-tests on x86_64 : If I use the
> book's full install, including the rpc headers, chapter 5 glibc is
> fine, as is chapter 6 [ ignoring whatever _I_ do differently to
> automake which causes 80+ test failures : only a handful when run
> _manually_ in the completed system ].

rpc headers from the host are not needed.  Indeed, nothing from the host 
should be included.  They are in /tools or the glibc source tree.

>   But, Jasmine mentioned a problem in chapter 5, on _rebuilding_ 7.2
> from itself.  This leads me to think you didn't install the headers
> in chapter 6 on the initial build ?

No, I *was* using 7.2 to rebuild glibc with Chapter 5 instructions.

>   If I rename /usr/include/rpc{,svc} so that they will not be found,
> I get an error in chapter 5 on x86_64.  So, it isn't only 32-bit.
> good (broken up by pasting):
> gcc   -D_RPC_THREAD_SAFE_ -D_GNU_SOURCE -DIS_IN_build -include
> /mnt/lfs/building/glibc-build/config.h rpc_clntout.c \
>          -o /mnt/lfs/building/glibc-build/sunrpc/cross-rpc_clntout.o
> -MMD -MP -MF
> /mnt/lfs/building/glibc-build/sunrpc/cross-rpc_clntout.o.dt -MT
> /mnt/lfs/building/glibc-build/sunrpc/cross-rpc_clntout.o -c
> gcc   -D_RPC_THREAD_SAFE_ -D_GNU_SOURCE -DIS_IN_build -include
> /mnt/lfs/building/glibc-build/config.h rpc_tblout.c \
>          -o /mnt/lfs/building/glibc-build/sunrpc/cross-rpc_tblout.o
> -MMD -MP -MF
> /mnt/lfs/building/glibc-build/sunrpc/cross-rpc_tblout.o.dt -MT
> /mnt/lfs/building/glibc-build/sunrpc/cross-rpc_tblout.o -c

This is the problem.  You are using gcc, not 
/tools/bin/x86_64-lfs-linux-gnu-gcc as is done in the book.

The above is way too short, with missing -I parameters and other 
options.  You are also missing -nostdinc.

   -- Bruce

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