[lfs-dev] Possible problem with current glibc (LFS 7.2 cant recompile LFS 7.2)

William Harrington berzerkula at cox.net
Sat Aug 25 16:26:54 PDT 2012

On Aug 25, 2012, at 17:43 PM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> Jasmine Iwanek wrote:
>> On 2012-08-25 22:35, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>>> OK, that's pretty early in the build.  Does /usr/include/rpc/rpc.h
>>> exist
>>> on the host?
>> Not unless I add it. (Which also fixes it by the way), bit out of  
>> scope
>> however, after all there's nothing installing it in 7.2 dev, and  
>> while
>> it might be mentioned in BLFS, That's outside of the scope of
>> bootstrapping 7.2 with just 7.2.
>>> If you add the following to the start of the chapter 5 instructions,
>>> does it build?
>>> sed -i 's|<rpc/types.h>|"rpc/types.h"|' sunrpc/rpc_clntout.c
>> I'd given an update in my other message, but as you were replying  
>> as I
>> was, yes, works fine with that sed.
> OK, we can add that to the current book before we go to a final 7.2.
>    -- Bruce

Hello Bruce,

I ran across this in our CLFS multilib builds when during 32 bit  
eglibcbuilds, it is cross compiling using a 64 bit host and thus it  
puts glibc/eglibc in a bad state and thus using internal rpc headers  
is required when they are not available on the host. That's why I  
suggested that earlier in the thread.

You will not encounter this when not cross compiling at all.


William Harrington

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