[lfs-dev] tzdata

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 10:52:40 PDT 2012

Ken Moffat wrote:
>   On support, Markku Pesonen pointed out that up to glibc-2.15 the
> tzdata was installed in both /usr/share/zoneinfo{,/posix} for data
> without leap seconds, and the data with leapseconds was installed
> into /usr/share/zoneinfo/right.
>   He also noted that debian still do this.
>   Taking a look at tzdata in debian, they create the zones with -L
> /dev/null, and then, except on embedded, repeat this for /posix,
> and then use -L leapseconds for /right.
>   I assume that some apps use the /posix version and others use the
> 'regular' version.  The amount of data in posix/ is only 1.9MB, I
> don't think it's worth attempting to be clever (e.g. symlinks from
> /posix/ ) and possibly again breaking things.
>   What debian also do is run zic with -p America/New_York to
> create the posixrules file - again, looks as if we need that.
>   Summary - all debian systems has posix values in zoneinfo/ plus a
> posixrules file.  Most also have posix in zoneinfo/posix and values
> with leapseconds in zoneinfo/right.
>   At the moment I'm debugging recent changes to my own buildscripts.
> Once I've managed to boot the new system, I'll go back to chroot,
> change the tzdata instructions and see what happens to the
> testsuites that were reporting errors.

Looking at the date code in coreutils, I think the only things that use 
the zoneinfo data is when TZ is set or /etc/localtime is a copy of a 
file in the zone DB.  I'll be interested in what you find.

   -- Bruce

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