[lfs-dev] Chapter 7.2 and pci.ids

Alice Wonder alicewonder at shastaherps.org
Wed Aug 1 07:14:56 PDT 2012

In following the instructions for 7.2.1 (svn 20120725) the 
70-persistent-net.rules was not created.

I was missing the pci.ids file necessary.

I went back and redid 6.61 udev-187 using the udev-lfs-187-3.tar.bz2 
tarball and instructions from the archive but that didn't help.

I borrowed the pci.ids file from my host (CentOS 6) and that fixed it. 
The 70-persistent-net.rules file was then created and looked correct 
(both ethernet and my wlan)

In CentOS that file is owned by a package called hwdata.

It's possible I missed a step somewhere, any idea what step I might have 
missed and what other files I might also be missing as a result?

I tried looking through the sources list and instructions but I didn't 
see what it was I may have missed.

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