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>> As I am new in LFS and this is my first attempt, I have a couple of
>> comments that might help make the book easier to follow (at least to a
>> non-english newbie like me). This are stuff that got me lost for a
>> while and think that, if clarified, would make the book easier to
>> follow (at least to newbies like me):
> Welcome to LFS. While the book is really meant for those who have lots of
> Linux expience, I accept new Linux users as well, just make sure you read
> the instructions very carefully, ask questions on the support list, and be
> sure to have fun while doing it.

Im a newbie at LFS but not a complete newbie to linux which i have
been using for a few years. As I have been mostly using debian and
derivatives, I am used to their pre-compiled binary .deb packages and
not to compiling myself. Anyway I didn't know the book is meant mostly
for advanced users, and that's not state it in the 'Audience' section

> As for non-English users like you, there are translated copies of the book,
> through not of the RC-versions. When LFS 7.0 gets out, I'm sure people will
> translate it right away. If you happen to have Spanish as your first
> language, I can help translate the book for you partly, so you can
> understand it more, but other languages I don't really know.

Thanks for the offering, I appreciate it. Spanish is my first language
but I think I can manage with english although I might misunderstand
sometimes, I'll try to be more careful while reading.

> Also please note that there are also translated versions of the manual
> pages. You may want to look into getting one of those packages and
> installing it. Google will be your friend to find those packages.
>> -The reader isn't told what to do with the building directories at the
>> end of the section (you get rid of them or you keep them?)
>> UPDATE: I found the following in the FAQ, so i guess this is it
>> although IMHO would be much clearer if stated at the end of every
>> section.
> The reader IS told - in section 5.3. Did you miss that section? It was very
> important, and it solves the most common problems you may have.

Yes, it says in 5.3 and although i didnt know that at the tiem, I
specifically stated "at the end of the section", which is correct.
Anyway please do read my comments about this in my previous email if
you are interested.


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