8.2. Creating the /etc/fstab File - hdparm clarification

Jonathan Oksman jonathan.oksman at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 12:02:25 PDT 2011

Near the end of the chapter, the book recommends users of the ext3
filesystem to use hdparm to test if a disk is able to accept the
barrier=1 mount feature.

This is a good suggestion, but it doesn't say anything about hdparm
beyond that.  The current instructions as written imply that the user
already has hdparm installed which might confuse new users.  I'm sure
most people will be able to figure it out, but for clarity I think it
would be worth mentioning that instructions for hdparm are in BLFS so
people don't assume hdparm is part of their system already.

Something simple would suffice, such as a note like this after the
instructions themselves:

Note: Build instructions for the hdparm package can be found in the BLFS book.


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