suggestion for a modified chapter 6 build of glib

John Stanley jpsinthemix at
Tue Oct 4 17:53:52 PDT 2011

As of glib-0.30.0, libffi is a required dependency (for gobject).
Since glib is built in Ch. 6 only for pkg-config, and since
pkg-config only requires libglib, I use the following
configure/make build:

PCRE_LIBS="-L/usr/lib -lpcre" \
PCRE_CFLAGS="-I/usr/include" \
LIBFFI_CFLAGS="-I/usr/include/libffi" \
LIBFFI_LIBS="-L/usr/lib -lffi" \
./configure \
   --prefix=/$PREFIX \
   --sysconfdir=/etc \
   --datarootdir=/$PREFIX/share \
   --with-pcre=system \
   --enable-gtk-doc=no \
   --disable-fam \
   --infodir=/$PREFIX/share/info \
   --mandir=/$PREFIX/share/man &&
make -C glib &&
make -C glib DESTDIR=$INSDIR install

Building only libglib in this way hasn't caused me any
problems, and, of course, I later re-build glib for the
full system.

There doesn't  seem to be an easy way to turn off the
libffi requirement, which is unfortunate, as  libglib itself
doesn't need it. On the other hand, I've been building
lfs/blfs-like systems for several years now, and end up
installing libffi later for other packages (eg, Guile2), so
building it in the base system is fine for me.

I am suggesting the foregoing build (or similar) for the
lfs system, and wondering if any lfs developers have
looked at this issue and have a better way to handle
the glib/pkg-config lfs Ch. 6 build.

Thanks for your time

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