Changes to contrib bootscripts

Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Sat May 21 10:20:55 PDT 2011

DJ Lucas wrote:
> There are a couple of packages, non-obvious packages at that, that
> install their own bootscripts and they work in the current proposal
> without modifications using the lsb functions.

I must not install them, then.  Alternately, I do install them, but
don't care to use their bootscripts (I think that might apply to one;
fcron, bind, dhcpcd v5, or something like that, maybe).  :-)

> I suspect that we'll see more in the future, however, I have not
> actually confirmed that they do not work within the old layout 
> (sysinit/S change is required).

Changing sysinit to S is fine.  I don't generally use the rc*.d
directory names, just init.d.

> Bryan pointed out that the old layout lent itself better to tab
> completion, the savings is only one keystroke, but you actually have
> to type more _characters_ in the new layout as opposed to pressing 
> tab repeatedly. I don't yet know how much work is involved in
> reversing that decision, but it should at least be discussed.

If other packages are a concern, then I think an /etc/init.d symlink
might work as well.  There's already too much in /etc that starts with
in or ini, so adding one more entry there doesn't seem too bad.

I dislike littering /usr/sbin with symlinks, for the record.  I actually
dislike it even more since it's in /usr, given that these are links to
bootscripts, but moving it to /sbin is also pretty bad (since now it's a
much larger chunk of a small directory).  It's also one more set of
links that needs to be kept up to date (though that's probably rare).

The service script might work, but it's a complete re-training for me,
and I'm a bit of a curmudgeon.  That's probably not a reason to avoid
doing it, though.  :-P

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