Changes to contrib bootscripts

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sat May 21 05:10:18 PDT 2011

On 5/21/11 2:48 AM, DJ Lucas wrote:
> I do plan to add a "service" script later that would alleviate the issue
> completely, as was suggested by Jeremy a few months ago, but I'm a
> little stuck as far as how to handle multi-level, conditional tab
> completions in bash, so it is on hold for a sec. Plus, I haven't seen
> how Jeremy and Archaic handle that in LightCube OS yet. My simple
> solution turned out to be not as simple as I had thought. That may even
> turn out to be a C program included with initd-tools or somewhere
> later...IDK as it hasn't been discussed yet. Jeremy, Archaic, any
> ideas/suggestions on that?

We've kept it simple, but possibly we have not met all the reqs:

And then that's just installed to /usr/sbin:

> 2nd, Jeremy's concern was the contents of I agreed with all
> suggestions, including combining lfs-fucntions with init-functions, save
> one. I've made all the agreed changes locally. Most of everything in
> has been moved into rc, with the exception of clock params,
> hostname, conditional boot off/on and prompt time, boot logging off/on,
> and the command that is run when a boot script ends in an unexpected
> error ('read Enter' in our case). The last one I had just added and was
> on the fence about, but after consideration, I've decided that to be
> something that should be user configurable. Perhaps a function is best,
> as I had suggested originally instead of putting a command in a variable
> in a user configuration file. Make it configurable there by a simple
> yes/no for PAUSE_ON_ERROR or some such.

Sounds great. I can live with that.

> Theads got long quick, and a little OT at times, but I do believe that
> is the remainder of the concerns.

Are we treating the handling of network down logic as a separate issue? 
I think there was still some discussion out on that one.


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