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DJ Lucas dj at
Thu May 19 15:25:15 PDT 2011

Matthew Burgess <matthew at> wrote:

>On Wed, 18 May 2011 12:16:22 -0500, DJ Lucas <dj at>
>> Alright, with last commit to lsb-bootscripts, I think we are ready to
>> go. Bruce, Matt, you guys get a chance to review the patch?
>Hi DJ, apologies for the delay, but I've now managed to review your
>Firstly, thanks for taking the time to do this, it looks pretty good to
>Secondly, what follows are probably bike-shed topics, but I'll throw my
>2p in along with everyone elses anyway :) :
> Why renaming things to lsb-bootscripts?  If we're
>migrating (which I think we should), shouldn't we just move the lsb
>scripts out of contrib and then continue to refer to the package as
>the lfs-bootscripts?
No change, just file layout in SVN. 

>chapter07/console.xml: 1) Where did the consolelog script/configuration

echo "kernel.printk=4" >> /etc/sysctl.conf

>chapter07/network.xml: I quite like Red Hat's layout, but probably just
>I've become accustomed to it through my day job.  On that distro,
>network device
>config lives in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts, and those files namely
>and route-<ifname>.  I certainly don't see the need for subdirectories
>whichever directory is chosen to house the network configuration files,
>maybe I'm being blinkered by my only needing static wired interfaces to

Might have to configure multiple services on one interface, for instance ip and ipx, or maybe one interface does not provide default gw, but a static route is still needed for a dual homed machine.

>Why are network scripts put under /lib/network-services? Again,
>possibly blinkered
>by my exposure to Red Hat, but keeping the service scripts in the same
>directory as
>the interface config files makes sense to me.

Executables don't belong in /etc, this one was covered in Jeremy's thread.


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