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DJ Lucas dj at
Wed May 18 12:50:02 PDT 2011

On 05/18/2011 01:58 PM, Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> On 5/18/11 1:16 PM, DJ Lucas wrote:
>> Alright, with last commit to lsb-bootscripts, I think we are ready to
>> go. Bruce, Matt, you guys get a chance to review the patch?
> I've been looking over the scripts, they look good, nice job!
> There are a couple of things that I think I'd still prefer to see
> changed, if possible.
> The /etc/default/ file still contains some things that I think
> don't quite belong in what is intended as an end-user configuration file
> (note, I'm thinking even beyond what we often think of as an _LFS_
> end-user and more like a typical non-LFS end user)
> The first line is an RC_BASE definition. I can't possibly think why
> anyone would ever change this - if you change it to something besides
> /etc, everything breaks. You'd really have to modify a number of things
> in order for this to work, and if you're going to do that, you're more
> than an end user. /etc/default/rc seems more appropriate.
Agree...and easily done.
> RC_FUNCTIONS=.../lfs-functions - I think I forgot to mention that we
> killed this completely in our modifications and just dumped it all to
> the end of /lib/lsb/init-functions. I don't really see a need to keep it
> separate.
That is a bit of history trying to make the scripts compatible with the 
existing scripts until I got some into BLFS contrib that matched. It 
wasn't allowed at one point...or at least I thought it wasn't. After a 
quick review, I see nothing that prevents combination of the two.

Last paragraph here (before the note at end of page):


Second para of the first note allow combining them:

> NETWORK_DEVICES="/etc/network" - Again, likely to ever be changed by an
> end user?
> The FAILURE_ACTION line and everything after: I see these all as
> installation configurations, not end user. It's either distro settings,
> colors for the display on the lines, prefixes for the types of notices,
> settings for interactive startup, if you're using it, exporting those
> variables and a function to print a message.
Agree, with one possible exception: FAILURE_ACTION. A user might 
actually want to make the boot process pause in the event of a failure 
for troubleshooting purposes. I'm on the fence...can go either way. 
Anyone have an opposing argument?
> The only thing I personally think should stay in /etc/default/ is
> the following, everything else should move to /etc/default/rc:
> # Bootlogging (requires a tempfs mount)
Can get rid of note about tempfs mount unconditional now.
> # Hostname
> HOSTNAME=<lfs>
> # System time variables
> UTC=1
> JH
-- DJ Lucas

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