Summary: Using the LSB Bootscripts

Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Tue May 17 21:28:47 PDT 2011

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> On 5/16/11 1:49 AM, Bryan Kadzban wrote:
>> I'm not sure what the goal *should* be.  :-)  Does it make sense to
>> try to clean up completely in this kind of setup?  Maybe or maybe
>> not.
>> I do think it's least *surprising* to only undo the effects of the
>> start script, though.  For whatever that's worth.
> I do think we're getting a little overcomplicated here. Let's try to
>  simplify expectations. Here's what I expect (and I *think* this is 
> reasonable - you tell me :-) )
> When I run the equivalent of /etc/init.d/network stop:
> All devices configured to start ONBOOT are shut down,

Yeah (subject to what DJ said as well, though).

> any addresses assigned to them are removed (this of course means that
> if there is a running dhcp service in the background, it won't add
> any addresses to the device until I restart the network service).


I guess this does make sense if you consider "/etc/rc/init.d/network
stop" to be the equivalent of "tear down all networking".  And I suppose
that's not unreasonable.  At machine shutdown time especially, I'd
expect everything to stop.

This does, however, mean that extra manual configuration will be lost on
an "/etc/rc.d/init.d/network restart" run, and that I think I'd find a
bit surprising.  Obviously this is hard to fix, though; maybe another
param could be provided to the stop mode to prevent flushing IPs, etc.?
That still seems like a bit of a hack though.

Or maybe we just go with it.  That's probably not too bad.  :-)

Anybody know how other distros do it?  I can't figure out what Debian's
ifdown binary is supposed to do (its source is *extremely* obfuscated,
being built from a texinfo file, and containing a file parser)...

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