Summary: Using the LSB Bootscripts

Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Sun May 15 10:27:11 PDT 2011

DJ Lucas wrote:
> * the path for the setclock script in 55-lfs.rules needs to be
> changed

So... yeah.

Why was this whole tree moved in the LSB scripts, again?  :-)

I really really hate systems where I can't reasonably tab-complete the
bootscript filenames.  And there's way too much junk in /etc whose name
collides with init.d for me to enjoy using a system that puts the init.d
directory directly in /etc.  I *very* much prefer the existing
bootscript setup, where all of the scripts and whatnot are sequestered
under /etc/rc.d instead.  (Mostly because that can be tab completed
after about 2 characters, and anything else under it in either 1, or 3.)

And of course, symlinks don't help, because symlinks (for the individual
runlevel directories) collide with the rc.d name.

What requires these specific paths?

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