Using the LSB Bootscripts

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Tue May 10 06:39:55 PDT 2011

On 5/10/11 8:25 AM, DJ Lucas wrote:
>       * Most important, pull as much as possible of the items below from
> LightCube OS's files to ease merging and keep the diffs to a minimum so
> that they are easily shared across distributions.
>       * Move ifup and ifdown scripts to /sbin.
>       * Move network service scripts to /lib/services (there was one
> minor objection here, should that be /lib/network-services or
> /lib/network? I don't really have any preference here, /lib/services is
> fine by me).
>       * Move network configuration files to /etc/network.
>       * Move network (hostname value) and clock config into
> /etc/default/ (default to UTC?)
>       * Use /etc/default for rc configuration files (remaining items in
> /etc/sysconfig currently).

All fine from my perspective. :)

>       * Add initd-tools to book - This is required for the new scripts.
> Jeremy what is the status on this in LightCube OS? I remember a few
> months ago about you possibly taking over maintenance of them, adding a
> service binary/script and such? At last check, Dan did not have them in
> an RCS, which is not an issue for now, just curious about the future of
> the tools. The tarball and homepage are available in Dan's home
> directory on if we need for the book. Dan?

I never got around to adding these into a repository, but I could do so. 
I'd be happy to maintain them. I'll need to schedule some time to get 
the infrastructure together for them and then post links.

>       * The three items above are the best I think we can do with it and
> should cover>  99% of all cases, the known exceptions being starting the
> dhcp client or ppp client manually, and possibly manual configuration of
> wireless interfaces (I've never configured wireless in LFS - also what
> about VPN tools started manually?). I believe Bryan is already on board
> with these changes, Bruce, Jeremy, Zach?

LightCube OS is meant to be used as X-less servers, mostly web 
application servers. As such, dhcp is the edge scenario for us and we'll 
almost certainly never need wireless, and unlikely that we'd need ppp or 
other sorts of clients. So from our perspective, we're good with static 
and dhcp.

> Hope I didn't miss anything, but I've got to go.

Can we do something more explicit about versioning?



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